CPRog: 3D Robot Programming
with a graphical Program Editor

Together with the Mover4 robot arm we provide the necessary software to allow an easy entry, but also realistic robot programming. With CPRog you can move and program the robot, simulate in 3D and use the graphical program editor.

  3D robot programming environment CPRog graphical program editor    


  The control and programming environment allows to move the robot, to interact with the robot and to learn how to program it. With its 3D user interface and the graphical program editor CPRog is very good in lowering the entry barrier!

Moving the Robot: Using CPRog you can move the robot via buttons or with a standard joypad. The robot can rotate by its joints, or he can move along the X Y Z coordinate axis. A virtual box can be defined to avoid collisions.

Programming: The current position of the robot can be stored as a way point, a series of these way points forms a robot program. The user can choose how to move between the way points (linear or joint mode), how to interact with the environment (open/close gripper, set digital outputs) and how to structure the program (loops, if-the-else, wait). The program can be saved and executed by the robot.

External Motion: To have an easy way to control the robot e.g. via a vision system an external motion command is available. When the robot comes to executing this command, he connects to a user specified server and executes the motion commands he gets from this application.

Simulation: All robot motions can also be executed in simulation. Programs can be tested first in simulation and several groups can work with one robot in parallel.
  Editing: A graphic program editor allows to edit the robot program in a visual way. The commands are visualized as puzzle parts, they can be added, deleted or rearranged. Parameter for each command can be changed. A textual editor is also available.

Complex Tasks: CPRog can handle digital input- and output signals using different commands. By these IOs the robot can interact e.g. with an industrial PLC.

The CPRog license allows to install and use the software on an arbitrary number of computers in one company or institution. This allows e.g. the use in school environments. Several students can prepare the robot program in simulation while one group is working on the real robot.


Operating System: Windows XP, 7, 8.
.NET-Framework 3.5 and DirectX 9.0c have to be installed (free download from the Microsoft website)
A standard PC has sufficient computing power.
A free USB port is necessary.

Sales: We provide the CPRog software together with the Mover4 robot in the starter set.