Version 2016 - The Commonplace Robotics Mover6 is a 6 DOF robot arm that has been designed especially to meet the needs of schools, universities and R&D institutions. He offers best functionality with a very high value for money.

The new 2016 version incorporates more precise motors, better smart servos and a reworked two finger gripper. They payload is specified as 400 g with a reach of 600 mm including the gripper.

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  The Mover6 robot arm allows to move the gripper with payload in all six dimensions.
The robot has a reach of 600 mm including the gripper and a payload of 400 g.

Communication: The robot arm is controlled via USB by a standard PC or laptop. The programming environment CPRog provides versatile interaction possibilites, but also allows an easy entry.
Packages for the ROS Robot Operating System by Willow Garage are available and allow the combination of the arm with state of the art robotics software.
Of course the robot can also be controlled by another software, the CAN protocol is well documented.

Starter Set: The enable an easy start the starter set contains all necessary parts: the robot arm, a stand, a two finger gripper, the mains adapter, USB to CAN adapter and the CPRog software. Only the laptop is not included.
Construction: Serial six axis kinematic. Four servo joints with gear motor, encoder and μC per joint (A1-A4). Two smart servos (A5, A6).
Payload: 400 g
Reach: 600 mm including gripper
Weight: 3,5 kg
Communication: USB, internally CAN
Power Supply: 12V via mains adapter, <60W
Digital Inputs: 4 digital optocoupler inputs 12 - 24V
Digital Outputs Base: 4 digital relay outputs, max 3V/500 mA
Digital Outputs Flange: 2 digital Outputs, 5V/25 mA,, +12V and GND for Gripper
Software: CPRog (Windows), ROS (Linux)

The Mover6 robot arm is not suitable for use in industrial production.

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