Modular Robot Control

Control components for DIN rail assembly. The modules allow the control of igus robot and gantry kinematics.



  This modular robot control allows to operate stepper motors and digital Input / Outputs. In combination with the CPRog software gantry or robot kinematics can be driven. Due to the DIN rail form factor the modules allow a very easy service.

Communication: The modules are connected via a bus in the DIN rail (motor supply, GND, logic supply, CAN). This reduces the necessary wiring. The CPRog Windows software generates position data for all motors, these are written to the CAN bus using a USB-CAN adapter.

Software: The CPRog Windows software controls the robot. With its 3D user interface ita allows an easy interaction to jog the robot, and to set up and replay robot programs.
Modules in ME MAX format with rail connector.
Stepper Module: Control µC and stepper driver with 2.8A RMS, max. 4A
Digital In/Out Module: 7 Optocoupler Inputs, 7 Relay-Outputs max 0,5A
Support Module: DCDC-Converter for logic supply, emergency stop circuits (no safety rating), main relay with soft-on functionality.
Communication: CAN, with USB-CAN adapter
Necessary Power Supply: 24V >= 5A
Requirements: A PC to run the CPRog software is necessary to control the robot.
Safety: The control does not provide any safety relevant functionalities. These have to be added, please see our option page.

Availability: The set is found in our online shop. We are please to send a quote, please send a short mail.