Mobile Plattform Slider150

A mobile platform, able to do omnidirectional movements with its mecanum wheels. Rotion, sideways movement and forward / backward, everything is possible! The bigger wheels and the swing axle provide very good driving characteristics!

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  The Slider is based upon a rugged aluminum chassis. The upper sheet can be unfastened to provide access to the interiors. The sheet is equipped with holes in 40 mm distance, these holes can get transformed into M4 threads, or as M3 through boring. The chassis offers lots of space for batteries and control electronics.

The four motion controller are connected via CAN fieldbus. A CAN2USB adapter connects the modules with the control computer. This can be a Laptop or an embedded controller. Please get to use for the possible alternatives.

Motor Control:

The motor amplifiers get the rotational velocities via the CAN bus interface from the PC. The parameter of the control loops can be adapted. The CAN protocol is simple and well documented.

Software und ROS-Interface
The slider comes with C++ example software. Also available are ROS packages for the platform.

Chassis: Aluminium
L x B x H: 450 x 300 x 170 mm
Mounting holes: 3,3 mm holes in 40-mm-pattern
Wheels: 150 mm (6'') mecanum wheels
Payload: 10 kg
Axis: rigid axle (front), swing axle (back)
Completely equipped with ball bearings
Motors: 4 gear motros with magnetic encoder
Motor Driver: 4 x 12-24V / 5A with μC-Loop
Interface: USB (internally CAN)
Power supply: 12-24V

The Slider150 is not suited for use in industrial production.

Control, sensors and batteries are often highly application specific, therefore they are not included inthe package. Please get to us, we will adapt the Slider150 to your use case requirements.

The robot is available at our webshop. Of course we can provide a quote. Just send us a short mail!